Open-Island Varanasi, part 1

OI-Varanasi-part1Documentary of „Open-Island, Varanasi“, India, 2017.

Part 1: River Ganga.

The #makers4humanity join efforts in the ancient city Varanasi (Banares) at the holy Ganga River to build an „Impact-Kiosk“ prototype. This creatively extended Rickshaw is meant to become a mobile classroom and workshop for open knowledge and social entrepreneurship’s throughout India. Instead of building another floating island, the makers this time created something completely different… (sure – in the end they floated it somehow 😉

The Impact Kiosk is a „social sculpture“ concept by German artist Joy Lohmann, co-developed with the interdisciplinary makers4humanity collective.

Open Knowledge and decentral, mobile Kiosks could help develop and empower rural areas in the fields of education, innovation and livelihood. This 10-days maker camp served to develop a rough prototype and start a collaborative process with appropriate (and wonderful) impact partners on location.

Together with the Learn-for-Life School, the Brown-Bread-Bakery, the Pilgrims Publishing House and the Indian Institute of Technology / BHU and the many VOLUNTEERING MAKERS, this ARTventure became an inspiring and highly productive process…

See it, Like it, Share it, Join it.

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