» Let’s build an island together.

Sounds good to you? Then join in! A rising number of interdisciplinar makers4humanity together with the German NGO Positive Nett-Works e.V. and several thematic partners use their collective knowledge and passion for joint actions to develop and co-create artificial floating islands. The project startet 2009 under the name “a.s.a.p.-island” (the as-soon-as-possible island) and resulted in a low-tech, low-budget and open source floating DIY-island design. With the “Open-Island” construction manual, we now spread the good news and open knowledge through Maker camps and partner projects worldwide and at home. Within the different projects, we learn and discover a lot of helpful stuff for humanitarian problems, which we share open-source and online.
At our floating research platform in Nieklitz/Germany, we address selected topics by developing, testing and evaluating suitable technologies and applications.

We invite you to join the project, the adventure, the fun.
» Get the latest news on Open-Island here and on facebook.
» Join the tribe and become an island developer!
» Share the news about Open-Island and become an ambassador!
» Fund the development of Open-Island on
» Visit us in India or Germany and build an Open-Island with us!

Welcome aboard 🙂

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