» Let’s build an island together.

Sounds good to you? Then join in! German artist Joy Lohmann, the NGO Positive Nett-Works e.V. and a rising number of international partners decided to use their collected knowledge and build an artificial floating island. The project startet 2009 under the name „a.s.a.p.-island“ and resulted in a low-tech, low-budget and open source floating DIY-island design. After developing, testing, releasing the „Open-Island“ construction manual, we now work on spreading the knowledge through Maker residencies, in building a global community on a crowd creating platform and realizing a major float platform in Germany to test suitable technologies and applications.

Our final goal is to help empower the people in flooded and endangered areas to fight the results of climate change on their own.

We invite you to join the project, the adventure, the fun.
» Get the latest news on Open-Island here and on facebook.
» Join the tribe and become an island developer!
» Share the news about Open-Island and become an ambassador!
» Fund the development of Open-Island on
» Visit us in India or Germany and build an Open-Island with us!

Welcome aboard 🙂


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