on tour…

Open-Island is a modular, decentral and multipurpose float-system and though appears in different contexts and locations.

Apart from our ongoing research activity in Northern Germany, the Open-Island is being used and individually developed/expanded by various partners for humanitarian purposes with the “makers4humanity” collective.



Our next floats will happen here (or/and somewhere else by cooperating partners):

7.-10.6.2019 > MakerCamp at the “Makers4humanity-Lab“, Ferropolis/Germany)

15.5. -6.10.2019 > “Flow-Garden“, Hanover/Germany

19.-22.4.2019 > “Open-Island Maker-Camp” at “Wir bauen Zukunft“, Zukunftszentrum Nieklitz/Germany: Installation and Opening of the continuous floating research platform.

8.-23.12.2018 > “Lake-of-Change“, Bangalore/India14.-16.9.2018

> MakerFaire Germany, CongressCentrum Hannover
> MakerFaire Berlin, FEZ Berlin