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Thank you very much for helping us make this vision happen on a global level!

Here you get all related links and lots of pics, clips and texts (cc-licensed) to share asap-island with interested people and groups worldwide. Feel free to use them and interact as you like.

Communication/Cocreation „asap-island“:
> this blog  > facebook group > fb-fansite > open forum
Crowdfund-Campaign (18.10.-12.12.2013): > Indiegogo
Workshop participation (11.1.-16.2.2014): > fb-event > detailed information
Special events: > Co-cktails (JellyWeek) > Presentations > Online Talks/Conferences

Go to our video-archive (former projects, trailer, interviews, reports)
Go to our photo-archive (asap-island and former projects)
Go to our press-archive (articles, documentations, press-releases)

The actual clip to be shared widely (3:40 min./YouTube):

Viral Campaign: banners, posts, clips to spread the word

Participation is helpful on every level, as we realize it with „Social Capital“ mostly.


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