Press/media-archive: articles, blogs, publications

This media archive contains our press releases as well as articles and publications about asap-island and the Sealand Multiversity. (follow the links or watch a selection on this page below. > or go to the video archive)

Press release 12/2013 on asap-island and upcoming activities. Please see or download in german / in english / in french / …
( wanna help to translate into your language? >mail to multiversity(at) )

> “Crazy – Carlotta als Meerjungfrau”, NP (german) 2013/08/10 NP
> “Alle Mann an Deck”, HAZ (german) 2013/08/09 HAZ
> “Grünes Herz zum Abschied”, NP (german) 2013/07/30 NP
> “Sailing on trash”, Goa Herald/India (english) 2013/02 Herald 
> “Nur nuch kurz die Welt hacken”, SPIEGEL online (german) 2013/SPIEGEL
>”Reif für die Insel”, OYA (german) 2012/07 Oya
> “Asap island … in pictures”, Goa news 2012/02b Goa
> “Floating a novel idea”, Goa news (english) 2012/02 Goa
> “Inselglück in Indien”, HAZ (german) 2013/02 HAZ
> “Neue Spiele gegen die Krise”, taz (german) 2009/06/15 taz
> “Eine Kette Künstler”, NP (german) 2009/07/09 NP
> “Kunstprojekt future-islands”, HAZ (german) 2009/06/12 HA
> “In zwei Minuten um die Welt”, HAZ (german) 2009/05/09 HA
> “Wer bastelt an der Welt mit?”, HAZ (german) 2009/04/09 HA
> “Kontinentalverschiebung am Rathaus”, HAZ (german)  2009/01/29 HAZ

NP-2013-07-30 NP-10.8.2013- pr-herald-02-13HAZ-21-2-12 Goa-2-12b Goa-2-12 taz-150609 HAZ-090509+NP-020709+


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