Open-Island Berlin – the movie

7 floating islands on the River Spree in Berlin. Made out of trash by passionate Makers. Showcasing innovative low-tech DIY-applications for > energy > shelter > food production on floating platforms: the Open-Island Berlin! (also including an Open Bar, the Open Stage, a floating FabLab and the motorized HERMES-I catamaran)

Open-Island_BerlinStarted in India by an interdisciplinary Makers collective, the Open-Island construction kit was adopted for an floating art piece this summer at the 2 mayor public art festivals 48 h Neu-Kölln and Kunst am Spreeknie in Berlin.

Filming for Change documented this awesome art-venture and interviewed its initiator, the German social sculpture artist Joy Lohmann:

(english captions available by clicking „CC“) Next art-venture


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