Making-of „Sealand Multiversity Trailer“-01

What is this about the Mayan calendar ending on 21.12.2012? We tried to find it out within our artventurous movieplot, leading to the Principality of Sealand. But the real story behind this Trailer is the „Sealand Multiversity“ kickoff on the same date. See some Making-of pics, check out the concept of Sealand Multiversity (SLM), join our fb-group or like the site, then go to our actual crowdfunding case and become a supporter 🙂 Every amount helps and -as we´re working with SocialCapital- it also helps, if you just like&share this ambituous project among your friends and contacts. THX!

Please visit Indiegogo/Multiversity for more details.

principalitytrophyrusty redshootingSLM platforminterviewsexpeditionlaptopsunsetKendalimmigrationSLM studio


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