Asap-island mermaid and the positive pirates

New pirates and a mermaid-ambassadress for our asap-island!

At the “Crazy Crossing” boat-race, the german asap-island team participated with one of Joy´s floating islands, shaped like a heart. Some new pirates aboard powered the green heart with a mermaid on top. The most beautiful singer and new project ambassadress Carlotta Truman (14) waved her hand and tail majestically and got our island onto the frontpages of regional media as well as into the hearts of the audience.

asap-MERMAID What a fun 😉

See the whole photogallery of the “Crazy Crossing”
See some backstage coverage from Joy and friends

And hear this mearmaid sing!!!

“Hi, this is my story for Mother Earth. I really do pray that every Nation of this world will make the change : Go Green- it´s time to nurse Mother Earth !!! …”, Carlotta


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