asap-island expansion 2013/14

Ready for your tropical island? (>Artikel auf deutsch lesen>)

This coming winter season 2013/14, asap-island will grow within a collaborative glocal process, providing opportunities for all interested cocreators to join:
visitor-island designs

1. Scouting content: innovative materials and DIY-construction manuals, low-tech applications for an autarkic, sustainable and comfortable floating island. Become a future-scout yourself and contribute something, we didn´t know before via the asap-island facebook-group or direct mail.

2. Shareholder campaign: In October, our crowdfunding campaign will enable you to get your own tropical island! With no more than 100,- € you become a certified shareholder* of asap-island with annual access to the floating island. Do you believe in benefit or possession? Let´s share this island, it´s much more fun, a lot cheaper and less hassle for all of us. Each 100,- € share represents one square meter of asap-island, wich you can use for a month per year. (equates to a 12 m2 private-island for a week every 7 years. Or a 6 hours gathering with all of your friends on the 120 m2 main island each year and so on…) Your certified co-ownership is valid as long as an asap-island floats somewhere in a safe condition (plastic bottles f.e. last 400 years).

3. Ambassadors wanted: You want to join the inner circle and promote asap-island within your own activities? Become an ambassador for the recycled island virtually or in real-life and get partners, fans, volunteers, visitors, media aboard. Asap-island rewards you with social-capital-credits, equivalent to the credits for financial investments. > Send a direct mail

4. Workshop series in Goa/India: Sure – we really do it. And you can join the construction workshops for free. (workshop details will be released soon)

5. Want to become a beta tester? Artists, engineers, journalists and scientists can become beta testers of asap-island for free, living for a while on the recycled island. Apply for the quarterly “artists-in-residence” program, send us a mail telling why you´re the one and what´s your special interest.

Sounds cool? Any other proposals? Please feel free to contact asap-island any time: facebook-group / direct mail



2 responses to “asap-island expansion 2013/14

  1. Hello, you see you’ve been very busy, which well get good use, my concern is to find out how you could replicate the event that you organize (in a matter of loistica and money) to do it over here in Chihuahua Mexico, more like what we are Dams of different sizes, and what is worse still do not have much awareness of alternatives, but the project in which you participate is inspired (you already know) you’re interested, I would support good, you’d do it with me to try to do with a focus not only ecological but for hydroponic food production .. let me know your views .. atte. Karló //

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