Mermaid aboard – crazy boat-race

For the biggest north-german Lake-festival, the Maschseefest in Hanover, Joy had built a little floating garden, shaped like a heart. Immediately, the swans and ducks occupied this  floating installation as their safe refugium inmidst the party-masses.

heart-island constructionheart-island launchheart-island ducks

But sorry – we need it back for a day. To start this years asap-island expansion campaign, we participate with this mobile island at the famous „Crazy Crossing“ of Radio-Antenne. Powered (pushed) by 4 pirates, we´ll do our very best, not to be the fastest but the craziest team on this race.

Our joker will be laying on top of the heart: 14-year old singer Carlotta Truman, as a beautiful mermaid is the first asap-island ambassadress, helping us to win the hearts of the audience on this race and to deliver the message about asap-island worldwide with her songs and mermaid appearance.
Check this out:

heart-island media

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