Glocal Cooking @ JellyWeek 2013

Sealand Multiversity Online-Campus: „Glocal Cooking“ @ #JellyWeek, 14.-20.1.2013

This beautiful glocal event is a collaborative, virtual and yummy experiment. Glocal Cooking emerged within the Jellyweek-network and will become, what we collaboratively make out of it. All participating cooks and groups share their meal recipe and some pics within our facebook-group. Eventually, there will be live-streams, hangouts or Skype-conferences too within the event period, 14.-20.1.2013. And maybe an e-cookbook on demand? We´ll see – this is a test on selforganizing and -regulating groups and we are happy to collaborate with JellyWeek 2013 and their participanting groups.


Feel free to join, cook & share, or even organize a Jelly by yourself. It´s easy, free, fun and a joyful experience for sure.

Check this out:


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