Upcycling global waste into floating islands

600.000 tons of old tyres a year in Germany only. Billions of plastic bottles polluting rivers, beaches oceans worldwide. On the other side rising sealevels that will drown whole countries and flood densely populated coastal areas everywhere.

Used tires transformed into a 70 sqm raft

Since 12 years, we´re working on „asap-island“, a low-tech project, adding 1+1+art to come up with a pilot project solution, that could be of common benefit to many affected people.

This coming February, we´ll continue construction at our partners beach resort ArtEscape in Goa/India. And we´ll open it up for international participants. So, if you are around in Feb or wanted to visit India anyway, this is your opportunity to join a cool project within a fantastic cocreative team. Details will be released soon, but you already can save the dates:  1.-10.2.2013 (Our focus this time will be flexible upcycling architecture with bamboo and stuff.)

Upcycling plastic bottles into floating islands



Eine Antwort zu “Upcycling global waste into floating islands

  1. Hi,
    Old tires are very difficult to remove from our environment. I like your floating island idea very much and wish I could be in India January or February 2013. Your idea also allows for mobility and modularity with living on “asap-island.

    Thanks for your inspiration and dream.


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