kick-off presentation at Vision Summit

Thanks to our crowd-funders and all involved volunteers and friends, we could afford to present at this years Vision Summit, Potsdam/Germany. We showcased our vision „asap-island“ and the brand new „SEALAND Multiversity of the Seven Seas“ as our tool to globally cocreate an autarkic, sustainable floating island.

We had a very good response by many of the participants, discussed a handful of potential cooperations and on the follow-up event in Berlin/NeuKölln, we even formed a group for a local „i-land, Berlin“.

Multiversity at Vision Fair

The Multiversity at Vision Fair

This directly caused our next event: the first glocal „DIY+cc“ workshop in june. We´ll synchronically build floating gardens of recycled materials around the globe on 15.-17.6.2012. So far, there are 8 participant groups. More details and how to participate:

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