Glocal „DIY+cc“ workshop on „floating gardens around the world“

Initially, someone asked us to build a recycling island at his lake in Thailand. Of course we could, but:

Now we, the SEALAND Multiversity of the Seven Seas have launched the very first glocal „DIY+cc“ workshop on building floating gardens out of recycled material all around the world. On 15.-17.6.2012 more than 8 groups from different countries will synchronically build their „i-land“. Networked through a shared DIY-manual, a moderated facebook-group and a 48-hour Skype-conference, several i-lands will arise from trash. Each at a different location, from a different social group, with a different purpose.


(To accommodate those without a river, pond, lake, the sea at hand, there will be a manual for „snack-gardens“ too, that fit into a bathtub or a bucket of water.)

And you are invited to join this glocal event. Get the details here, let us know that you want an island for free and there you go 🙂


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