SEALAND Multiversity of the Seven Seas

Time is flying. And we were busy 🙂
Now it´s time to present the next step towards the realization of “asap-island”: The “SEALAND Multiversity” (SLM) will start soon at the one and only autonomous Micronation, the Principalty of Sealand.

Offshore/Online Campus
Together with Prince Michael of Sealand, we decided to set up a unique open space, to cocreate concepts, projects, tools with and for our emerging sharing/caring community.
SLM has got an Offshore Campus, 7 seamiles off the british coast and an Online Campus, which is located directly on your screen. Have a look at

> the Principalty of Sealand
> their proclamation of the start of SLM
> our architectural designs transforming the former WW2 sea fortress into a Multiversity
design by Deepak Pathania / India (animation)
design by Joy Lohmann / Germany (animation)
> a preview on the contents of  SLM and it´s Online Campus.

You´re also most welcome to join the process as it is an open project.
You´ll find actual informations on or join the discussions on our “asap-island”-group.


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